1Is Car Insurance in Nigeria Important?

As a car owner in Nigeria, it is extremely important that you have auto insurance. You may be one of the many people who feel like you shouldn’t have car insurance unless you get into an automobile accident, but it is so much better to be prepared and safe than unprepared and injured.

Out of all the types of insurance out there, you are more likely to need your autos insurance the most. You are always at risk when driving and you never know when an accident could happen. Whether it is someone else’s fault, a user error, or a malfunction with your car, you deserve to be taken care of! At the very least, most drivers are actually required to have liability coverage as a minimum. By law in Nigeria, you must have at least minimum liability coverage in case an accident occurs. If you don’t have any liability coverage at all, you aren’t even allowed to possess a license to drive. So if you searched “insurance for my car” and don’t have anything yet, it’s way past time to make sure you’re covered!

2Why Do You Have to Have Auto Insurance in Nigeria?

Just one of the many reasons car owners have to have liability coverage is due to the fact that the policy will help cover the other party if you are found at fault for an auto accident. The driver at fault is always the one who must pay for the damages of everyone, so if you cause an accident and didn’t have insurance, you probably couldn’t cover both your damages and the damages the other party faced. For this reason alone, auto insurance is probably the most important type of insurance out there.

3Is autosinsurance.com.ng Services Free?

Autosinsurance.com.ng is a proud partner to Key Verticals Ltd. All insurance policies are directly underwritten by our NAICOM (National Insurance Commission) licensed Insurance partners and Underwriters who provide you with insurance policies for auto (third party and comprehensive).

Needless to say the services provides by Autosinsurance.com.ng is totally free to all using the platform to compare quotes